Zip Lines

Zip lines will NOT be available for the 2019 Season.

Get ready for excitement and fun soaring through the forest canopy at high speed!


We have two zip line courses: a single zip course with a sky bridge for kids and small adults and a 3 zip course for adults and older kids which includes two sky bridges and a tree house ladder!


Single Zip Line (must weigh at least 40 pounds): $15 for 1 trip or $40 for 3 trips.
Adult Zip Line (must weigh at least 100 pounds with a 275 pound limit): $45 for 1 trip or $125 for 3 trips.


You will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to your participation in our zip line tour. You can sign the waiver on site or download the waiver in PDF format using the link below and bring your signed waiver with you:

Light Speed Zip Lines Waiver (PDF)


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How safe is it?

All zip line/challenge course activities carry certain inherent risks. That said, our course is built to A.C.C.T. (Association for Challenge Course Technology) professional construction standards. Our guides are also professionally qualified and trained according to A.C.C.T standards. The course and equipment are inspected daily. If you are interested in course equipment or gear specifications, all equipment on our course is rated at or above 5000 pounds (some components many times as much). As long as you follow your guide’s instructions, it’s safer than crossing the street.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer a quantity discount on zip line tours. As shown in the “Rates” section above, you get a reduced price on every third trip for both the kids and adult courses. It does not matter if the same person zips three times or three people zip once, you can divide it up however you please.

How long is the zip line tour, time wise?
The adult zip line course takes about 25-35 minutes to complete, though the actual time you are out on the course will vary based on the size of your group and how fast you are able to comfortably progress through the course. The kids’ course takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Can I zip the course by myself, or is the tour guided?

Our zip courses are run as full service guided tours only. This means that we will help you into your gear, safety check your equipment, connect you to the platforms and zip lines, and catch you at the end of each zip. You will not need to touch any of your gear during the tour, and we prefer that you do not, for your own safety. You will be connected to life supporting points at all times; disconnecting any of your equipment only puts you at risk.

How high, how long, and how fast?

As much as we would like to brag about how awesome our zip line tour is, we have a policy against giving our tour away on the internet. Bring your Gold Card and find out!

What are the qualifications for participation?

No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs will be allowed to participate on the zip line tour.

Pregnant women, people with heart, back, or leg problems should not take the tour.

The adult course has two steeply sloping sky bridges and a tree house ladder, and the kids’ course has a short staircase and a sky bridge. You must be able to navigate these obstacles on your own.

You will also be required to sign a liability waiver prior to taking the tour. You can sign the waiver on site or use the following link to download a copy of the waiver in PDF format and bring your signed waiver with you.

Light Speed Zip Lines Waiver (PDF)

If you have trouble opening the link above, you may need Adobe Reader.

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What should I wear?

Do not wear sandals, flip flops, open toed shoes or shoes without a back! You need to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes suitable for forest terrain… something like tennis shoes.

If you have long hair, wear it in a pony tail.

Make sure you have pockets with a zipper or snap closure if you will be bringing keys, wallets or anything else that you do not want to lose. If something falls out while zipping over the forest floor, it is unlikely that you will ever get it back, and devices like cameras and cell phones are unlikely to survive the fall! We strongly recommend that you place your valuables in your car for security purposes. We are not responsible for property lost, damaged, or stolen during your tour. You are responsible for anyone hit by an item you drop.

What if I am afraid of heights?

It’s not uncommon to have a fear of heights. Many people who have a fear of heights are still able to enjoy our tour. You’ll be clipped to a thick steel cable at all times when you are off the ground. The tour guides will be able to answer all of your questions and be able to provide safety information and support as you progress on the tour. No one who has made the first step off of Tower 1 has regretted it!

What equipment will I be wearing while on the zip line course?

You will be fitted with a harness, trolley system, two heavy duty lanyards with safety clips, and a helmet. The equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but designed specifically for a zip line course.

What if I have never zipped before?

The majority of our participants have never experienced a zip line course before. You will receive a complete orientation and training session before your tour guides lead you through the course. Our zip course is full service, which means that all you have to do is follow any instructions given by the guides and have a good time!

What if I have zipped before and I know what I’m doing?

Even if you are an experienced zip-liner, please follow all instructions given by your guides and do not attempt to (dis)connect yourself from the cables, tamper with your harness, (dis)connect your trolley, or otherwise handle the gear/equipment. Our zip line course is full service, so our guides will handle all aspects of the tour, except the part where you sit back enjoy the ride.

Can I take a camera? Do you take photos/videos during the tour?

You can take a camera with you, but we strongly advise that cameras, phones, keys, wallets, and any other valuables be left in your car. If you insist on taking a camera (or anything else), we will provide means of securing it to your harness if possible, but you will be responsible for your valuables on the tour; if you drop it, you may not find it in the forest underbrush (assuming it survives the fall at all). Many times, other customers or our staff will be standing under the lines observing tours in progress. If you drop a camera or other item from the line, you are responsible for anyone hit by it.


Do you conduct tours in bad weather?

If the weather should turn bad (i.e. moderate-heavy rain, thunderstorms), we will not start any new tours until the weather clears. Should a storm approach during a tour, we will do our best to get you thru the course as quickly as possible.   If there is only light rain with no thunder, we can safely continue the tour to completion.

How much should I tip my guides?

Our guides are professionally trained to ensure that you have a safe, memorable, and enjoyable experience. The industry standard for tipping is 15-20% of the tour rate per person… much like a restaurant. Tips are not expected, but greatly appreciated.

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What if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the zip line tour. You might consider our cave tour instead.

Why weight limits?

The weight limits on our zip lines are as follows:
Kids Line: 40 pound minimum
Adult Line: 100 to 275 lbs

All of our rules, including the weight limits, are in place for the protection of ourselves and all participants on our tours. Though our equipment is rated for weights much higher than any human could weigh, the critical reason for weight limits on zip lines is speed; our zip lines are gravity based, so your weight plays a critical role in how fast you go.

Too little weight and you don’t gain enough speed make it to the end platform, so a guide will have to come out on the line to pull you in manually. While line retrievals are not uncommon, unnecessary retrievals are best avoided as too many can exhaust a guide, preventing him/her from giving further tours that day and putting him/her at risk of overheating.

Too much weight and you gain so much speed that you not only make it to the platform, but you risk exceeding the receiving guide’s ability to stop you safely, potentially causing injury to yourself and/or the guide.

Will there be bathroom and water breaks during the zip line tour?

We DO NOT have water stations on the course, and we highly suggest that you take advantage of our restroom facilities prior to your scheduled tour time. The tour can last upwards of 45 minutes, and there will NOT be a restroom break during your tour (Could you seriously imagine a port-a-potty hanging from a tree?).

Right of Refusal

Our staff is professionally trained and cares about your safety very much. Cave Spring Park reserves the right to refuse anyone access to the zip line tours if we feel it would be unsafe for that person, our other guests or our staff. Some examples of someone we might turn away would be a guest under the influence of drugs or alcohol, someone who is over the weight limits, someone that will not or cannot understand or obey the rules and those who are physically unable to do a zip line tour. We do everything in our power to get guests out on a tour and give them safe access to our tours, however, Cave Spring Park and our staff will have the final say on any particular person going on or continuing on a tour.