Field Trips & Education Programs

We offer an exciting field trip destination that makes learning fun!

Geology, Biology, Hydrology, Ecology, and many other subjects become easy and fun to learn with our hands-on programs. Programs are customized by age group for ease of understanding by students at any level and can be tailored to accommodate various social preferences in our presentation.

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Speleology (The Study of Caves)

Our cave tour delivers an up-close and personal experience of local geology, hydrological processes, cave biology, and more. What do we mean by “up-close and personal?” Since our cave is relatively small, you have the opportunity to see everything right up close and in front of you. Want to know what a “helictite” is? There’s one six inches away! We even let you touch the formations in the entry chamber! Many of the animals that live in the cave make appearances on the tour, and our in-depth commentary helps students understand each animal’s place in cave ecology.


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Our beautiful forested park contains a multitude of local plants and wildlife. We have several tame animals, including two tame prairie dogs, allowing students to study these animals up close. Our pond contains several species of local fish as well as Japanese Koi, and our turtle enclosure, outdoor animal exhibit, and indoor reptile exhibit offer students the opportunity to learn about these animals and their importance to us and to our environment.


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Our location boasts a great deal of history. The historic house located within the park contains an excellent example of frontier cooling technology and is rumored to have served as a stop on the famous Underground Railroad. Our gem sluice and quarry dig offer students the opportunity to pan and dig for real gemstones and learn about mining history and technology in the process. Add to that tales of legendary bad men like Jesse James and ‘Devil’ Dick Bose and history becomes interesting.


Amethyst/Calcite Cathedral

Geology & Paleontology

Our Mineral & Fossil Museum contains a stunning assortment of mineral and fossil specimens from all over the world, as well as some impressive local specimens. Our in-depth information and commentary allow students to learn about the geologic processes that allow different minerals to form, as well as their uses and commercial value. Students will also get to learn about what the fossilized plants and animals presented in our exhibits were like when they were alive and what geologic processes allowed their remains to survive the eons. The museum’s hands-on section gives students the opportunity to handle some of the minerals and fossils on display, rather than viewing them from a distance.


Picnic Shelter

Relaxing Outdoor Environment

We provide a relaxing outdoor environment that allows students to experience and enjoy nature. Our two new picnic shelters provide a great place to have lunch and get out of the hot summer sun or stay dry in the event of inclement weather.