Current River Cavern


  • Cave Tour
  • Adult- $15.95 per person
  • Kids- $9.95 per person (ages 4-14, 3 and under are free)
  • Cave Tour & Petting Zoo Package
  • Adult- $19.95 per person
  • Kids- $15.95 per person (ages 14 & under)

About Current River Cavern:

One of the prettier show caves in Missouri, Current River Cavern, formerly called “Big Spring Onyx Cavern”, is exceptionally well decorated with a wide variety of natural cave formations. A year round stream flows through the tour passage beneath the boardwalk and a small waterfall can be seen flowing from a side passage after heavy rains. The temperature inside the cave is a cool 58°F year round, very nice on a hot summer day.
Current River Cavern is the first commercial cave with absolutely no wires for lighting. We use remote controlled, battery powered LED lights that give off a restricted light spectrum and minimal heat so as not to disturb the cave life or promote algae growth which can damage formations. There is a flat boardwalk that covers most of the tour section.

Available all day during our hours of operation. The tour lasts 30-45 minutes.

Flashlights are available to borrow in the gift shop so you can look around. NO flash photography in the cave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cave tour guided?

We only offer guided tours of Current River Cavern. Our guides have a wealth of information on the cave and its formations and are trained to give you an interesting and exciting cave tour.

What should I wear?

The temperature in the cave is a constant 58° Fahrenheit (14.44° C) all year. During a hot summer day the cave feels like a well air-conditioned room so shorts, T-shirts, open-toed shoes (no high heels), and other light summer clothing are fine. In cooler weather you may want a light jacket and long pants. The tour passage has a smooth boardwalk through most of its length, making extra foot protection unnecessary. Flip Flops are perfectly OK!

Do I need a helmet?

If you have your own helmet, feel free to bring it. We do provide plastic bump caps when you sign up for your tour, which are quite effective in avoiding bumped heads. These caps appear flimsy, but when the cap touches the ceiling you will feel it before your head gets there.

Can I bring a flashlight?

You can bring your own flashlight if you like. We do provide flashlights at the start of the tour, so bringing your own is not necessary.

Can I take pictures inside the cave?

You can take all the photos that you like in the cave. We ask that you do not use flash photography.

Can I touch the formations?

Absolutely not, unless directed otherwise. The oil build up on your skin will affect the growth of healthy formations as the oil gets left behind and will not allow the minerals to adhere to the spot that has been touched.

How many people can go in one tour?

Our ideal tour size is 2-12 people so that your experience is more personal and our guides can answer your questions. We can take larger groups so don’t be shy, just come on over.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Claustrophobia (the fear of tight places) is not uncommon. Most people who tell us that they are claustrophobic have no trouble at all in our cave, but if you feel like you have to end the tour early please let your guide know and you will be escorted to the front of the cave or to the rear exit, whichever is closer. Current River Cavern is actually a great place to conquer claustrophobia, as its narrow places are not so small as to pose any danger or major discomfort.

What if I am afraid of the dark?

Flash lights are provided at the start of the tour. Sometimes the guides will ask a tour group if they want to experience the total blackness that is the cave’s natural state, but this part of the tour is completely voluntary. If you are afraid of the dark, just let your guide know and the lights will remain on.

Do you give cave tours in bad weather?

Since you’ll be under ground for the entire tour, you won’t get wet because it’s raining outside. We can give cave tours in all weather conditions.

How much should I tip my guide?

We do accept tips but the amount is at your discretion. We appreciate all tips and donations as we are privately owned.

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Will there be bathroom and water breaks during the cave tour?

We DO NOT have water stations in the cave, and we highly suggest that you take advantage of our restroom facilities prior to your tour. The tour can last 25 to 45 minutes, and there will NOT be a restroom break during your tour.

Do you offer tours of the wild sections of the cave?

We do not offer wild cave tours at this time. While there are some impressive sites in the back sections of the cave, getting there involves a long, muddy crawl through 58° F (14.44° C) water, requiring a wetsuit to avoid hypothermia.

Right of Refusal

Our staff are well trained and care about your safety very much. Cave Spring Park reserves the right to refuse anyone access to the cave tours if we feel it would be unsafe for that person, our other guests or our staff. Some examples of someone we might turn away would be a guest under the influence of drugs or alcohol, someone that will not or cannot understand or obey the rules and those who are physically unable to do a cave tour. We do everything in our power to get guests out on a tour and give them safe access to our cave. However, Cave Spring Park and our staff will have the final say on any particular person going on or continuing on a tour.