Cave Spring Park is located just west of Van Buren, Missouri on US Highway 60 . We currently offer a number of exciting activities and attractions including cave tours, zip lines, a museum & nature center, gem panning, a gift shop and a quarry dig (where you can take home real fossils, geodes  & crystals). Park passes are available and include the cave tour, museum/nature center, gem or fossil panning and quarry dig.


5/2/2017 Well, the flood waters are dropping and the devastation to the town of Van Buren is amazing. The Park came thru pretty well so we are open every day 10 AM – 5 PM. We may not be able to offer all activities every day and we have no phone service at the park so you can’t call ahead. If you show up we will do our best to entertain you so come on by. We will post pictures as soon as we can upload them.

NEW FOR 2017: We will offer BLACK LIGHT CAVE TOURS on a limited schedule. Call 573-323-4001 for info.